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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

El Gato's Draft Review!

El Gato checks into the BBB with his yearly draft ranking. All offense players for you fantasy football fans out there. Ryan Matthews ranked numero uno...inPRAsting...

Its just about draft time, so here are some questions and evaluations on some of the top players in this years NFL draft.

The order presented here represents a combination of skill, fantasy value, and pre NFL draft status.

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A post draft writeup will be done before the fantasy draft.

1. Ryan Matthews - No questions here, a complete back in every way, with everything you need. Led nation in high school and college, with 4.37 speed.

2. CJ Spiller - Can he stay healthy enough to become the next rookie sensation? Maybe the most dynamic player in the draft. Top returner, also.

3. Jahvid Best - Is he too injury prone? Remember if there were more good backs this year, he is a NFL mid to late second rounder.

4. Sam Bradford - A good, big, accurate QB, I like him, but I dont like that he was injured twice on routine tackles.

5. Dez Bryant - Will a year off of playing, his diva personality, and the Deon connection, prevent him from being the freak that he is at WR?

6. Toby Gerhart - Already into the second tier backs - A very good player, but will he choose baseball instead?

7. Jonathan Dwyer - Tough north south runner, but he has never pass blocked or caught passes and is slow, but I would still take a chance on this guy's power.

8. Jimmy Clausen - Appears NFL ready, has the tools, but my only question is does he get rattled when he plays with the big boys?

9. Demaryius Thomas - Its a flip here with Tate, this guy is freakishly huge, and fast, but only had go routes and is coming off injury.

10. Golden Tate - Nice WR in open field, he appears to be able to get it done, is he too small?

11. Montario Hardesty - Big runner, but are scouts afraid of his injury?

12. Ben Tate - 220 pounds with 4.34 speed, is this guy the steal for someone who thinks they ONLY have the 10th-12th pick on the first Saturday in June?

13. Anthony Dixon - Big, fast, tough, can catch, is this the next everydown back in the NFL?

14. Tim Tebow - intelligence, athleticism, work ethic, competiveness, top resume in college history, just wins against now pro QB's, you might have to wait a bit, see where he lands, but I will be doggone if I start selecting, within reason, second tier receivers, third tier backs, when I see the player with the most upside outside the top picks, maybe in NFL history. Lets not forget toughness- got decapitated, was back the next week leading his team out of the tunnel for a win. (see other qb's)

15. Eric Decker - Things start to get shaky here.... Would have been a solid first round pick, but his injury has dropped his stock a bit. Will you take a chance on his extreme talent?

16. Damian Williams - Losing Mark Sanchez was supposed to drop his stats, instead they increased, he just gets it done, will he go higher?

17. Tony Pike - Took Cincy from worst to first, but will his injuries and lankiness might hold off his draft status?

18. Dan Lafevour - If he didnt have average arm strength would he be a solid second rounder in the NFL draft?

19. Jordon Shipley - Has the speed and intagibles, but is he too small or can he be Welker-like in the slot?

20. Arrelious Benn - Used to be a first rounder, but injuries have hampered him, should go higher than this?

21. Dexter McCluster - Darren Sproles-like, but can he take the pounding of the NFL at his size? Just a return man?

22. Jermaine Gresham - The best TE in the draft. Could be a great pickup depending on where he lands.

23. Brandon Lafell - Should have come out last year. Disappointing, injury-riddled season, but has 1st round talent.

24. James Starks - Didnt play last year, but a fine RB. Take a risk?

25. Joe McNight - Kinda of tweener for the pros. Big enough for RB?

Best of the rest

26. Mardy Gilyard

27. Jevan Snead

28. Desmond Briscoe

29. Jacoby Ford - Speed kills

30. Rob Gronkowski - good pickup late

31. Zac Robinson

32. Colt McCoy - If he played on stilts, I would bet $5 he would be a top 3 QB in the NFFL (National Flag Football League)

33. Freddie Barnes

34. Chris Brown

35. Charles Scott - Injury might have ruined this top back

36. Mike Williams

37. Javarris James - DNA might not be enough


El Gato is a an accomplished Bassist that spends his spare time analzying college football talent. He also enjoys collecting vintage music records.

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