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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beatdown City

Big Baby came up huge last night. He's been a force in the playoffs(this and last year). The Heat looked like they quit half way through the 2nd quarter. Richardson is so bad and so much of a non-factor it was impossible for the crowd to really get on him.

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The C's look good so far hopefully they can put the nail in the coffin on Friday night. The post game press conference with Big Baby and Pierce was kind of odd. Big Baby brought back memories of Pierce putting a bandage over his head at the press conference in 2003 against Indiana. He's a strange fellow. I think that this clip says it all...say goodbye to the Heat because it doesn't look like they will be back to Boston until next year...

We would like to thank JB who operates this website below for sending the BBB the footage...


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