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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time for some old time hockey...

Kid Octane weighed in today on what he forecast to happen I will let you know what SHOULD happen. The Bruins NEED to come out brawling tonight. The goons should be called up from Providence and they should start the game. Old time hockey. This is a major opportunity for the Bruins to get back a large chunk of should be brawl time. Save your neanderthal, bloodlust baloney...this is hockey. It's a game not real life. This is how hockey is. If you don't like it then you're following the wrong tennis instead...the Bruins need to send a message tonight right in front of Campbell. This guy Cooke is a serial cheap shot artist/cementhead. They need to go after not only him but anyone who touches the puck. Don't worry about the fines...the Bruins will pick them up just like in the old days with Jay Miller. I read an interview one time where he said he never paid any of the fines...the B's covered them. It's time to bring back old time hockey. Come on B's make it happen.


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