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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pens-Bruins...what will happen...Kid Octane style...

I can't remember the Bruins getting this much pub. It's been talked about for the past two weeks on WEEI and 98.5...this is huge tonight for the B's. They have an opportunity here to win back fans. What will happen??? Kid Octane checks in after a brief hiatus to forecast what will occur in tonight's anticipated matchup. Make sure you checkout the Don Cherry Coaches Corner clip at the end...

YAY. The Bruins take to the ice against that wretched new nemesis Matt Cooke and the Pens tonight night. YAY. They will be able to extract revenge and claim pound of flesh in less than 24 hours. YAY. The price to be paid for deleting their best offensive player (maybe BEST player) from their lineup for the remainder of the year will be steep indeed. YAY. Sounds fantastic and reasonable and certainly justifiable, but it isn't going to happen. Let Octane show you the way. For rest of story click below...

Save yourself the 3 hours and finish taking care of that water in your basement because squat is going to happen. SQUAT. We've all seen this movie before, countless times with countless supposed villains and countless supposed vigilantes, almost always coming up tilt. The fact is, if something was to happen, it would've/should've taken place in that game while emotions were still revving high. F the points in the standings. Remember McLaren and Montreal? Randy Jones and Bergeron? Bertuzzi and Steve Moore? Shall I keep going? In all instances, cooler heads prevailed when the teams/players met at a later date and I will tell you why: they are professionals playing for a career. Who is going to do anything against Matt Cooke from this team? Maybe 4 guys? (Lucic, Chara, Stuart, Thornton) Remember, Cooke isn't going to just sit there and be allowed to be beaten up just because he KO'd Savard. This isn't like big brother going after little brother's assailant in the schoolyard and can kick him around based solely upon age difference. These are grown men that are risking serious injury and potentially their livelihood, if they decide to bite off more than they can chew.

And you can forget about all this nonsense about "going after Crosby." It never ceases to amaze The Kid how "fans" spew such ridiculous garbage and actually have the bullocks to claims they "know" sports. Anyone who comes remotely near Crosby in fashion will be paid a visit by Mr. Godard, he of 6-4, 221 lbs. (and only 2 assists on the year while dressing for roughly half of their games). Care to wager if he dresses tonight night if healthy?

But the real reason nothing is going to happen is the risk involved. Not many players in tonight's game will want to risk suspension (read: lost wages), injury, becoming a marked man themselves, etc. Plus, as stated above, who is going to do something? Bergeron? Satan? Ryder? C'mon, they would all get beaten up by Cooke, let alone probably Crosby and any other Penguin. The team and players will spin it as this is "an important 2 points" blah blah blah. Don't let reality mix with perception. Maybe one of the four aforementioned Bruins will tangle toe-to-toe with Cooke in an uninspiring fight, the crowd will roar and then it will revert back to a hockey game and not Braveheart on ice.

So, this is Kid Octane signing off and forewarning you NOT to place your expectations too high for tonight night's contest. If you are interested in a tense, playoff-like atmosphere hockey game, then check it out because it will deliver on that level. If you are looking for a bloodbath, I suggest you pick up a copy of Macbeth and enjoy the read.



  1. Doesn't look likely that Godard is playing. He hasn't played since January 25th and according to CBSSportsline, he's sidelined with a groin injury. Originally it was 4-6 weeks posted January 28. As of March 4th, the site says out indefinitely.

    This is an opportunity for Lucic to show something tonight. It'll probably be Thornton who fights Cooke. But I'd like to see Lucic volunteer for the duty.

    No doubt, they will fight. And if the Bruins brass had any sack they'd ignore Colin Campbell, treat it like a rumble and give up the points.

    It shouldn't be about the 2 points tonight. They're not going to go far in the playoffs anyways.

    What they do tonight could represent how people view this young team going into next year.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. And unfortunately it didn't happen.