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Monday, March 15, 2010

They are who we thought they were...

Why don't we get guys like this??? The C's are who we thought they were based off yesterday's performance. They are just not an elite team. Let's admit it...Rasheed Wallace was a mistake. He plays terrible team up easy rebounds...NEVER will take a charge...he's hard to cheer for. On the other hand watching Powe yesterday was a reminder of what the C's were in 2007-08. One of the most annoying things though was listening to Mike Breen and Jackson dote all over Verijo.(I know I spelled his name wrong) An actual quote by Breen..."how can you not love what Verijo does". I tell you sir...I don't like what he does. He's a dirty player and a flopper extrodinaire. He reminds me of Claude Lemieux. They were gushing over him the whole first half. At least the Madness starts on Thursday...


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