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Monday, March 15, 2010

Simply the Best...

The BBB would like to give it up for Central Catholic hoop team. They captured their 2nd state title in 3 years on Saturday in a nail biter. Carson Desrosiers hit the go ahead bucket with 5 seconds left against St Johns of Shrewsbury. Ricky Nault(in a very Doc Riverslike manner) drew up a play that worked to a tee.

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"On that final possession we drew something up we liked with Jimmy and Carson," said Nault. "And we got the perfect look for Carson."

It was reminiscant of the play drawn up against Charlestown two years ago in the semi finals when Adrian Gonzalez fed Desrosiers for the game winner. A solid argument could be made that Ricky Nault(as a coach) and Carson Desrosiers(as a player) are the best ever to come out of the Merrimack Valley. Nault's four year resume includes two championships along with 91-11 record. It's Tom Bradyesque circa 2003 in that he's just getting started. As for Desrosiers...on to Wake Forrest. He leaves his legacy as the last player since Bobby Licare to have two state titles. Congrats to both of them and the CC hoop team. Stay tuned to the BBB...we are looking to secure an interview with Coach Nault in the upcoming weeks.

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