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Friday, February 5, 2010

Please cut this stiff!!!!

Patriots’ Thomas says where it went wrong

By Adam Kilgore, Globe Staff
February 5, 2010

MIAMI - The Patriots and linebacker Adalius Thomas have not been in contact since the end of the season, and after yesterday, that seems certain not to change.

In an interview with 98.5 The Sports Hub, Thomas reiterated that he does not believe he will remain with the Patriots and disclosed the source of tension that disintegrated his relationship with coach Bill Belichick.
Thomas, who has two years remaining on a five-year, $35 million contract, said the tumult began in the first week of the regular season. Against the Bills, Thomas played his first game at outside linebacker, a new position, after a broken arm ended his 2008 season early. Thomas and Belichick met the day after the game, and that is when their relationship began to fall apart.
Belichick, Thomas said, was not happy with Thomas’s performance. Thomas believed he could not have been expected to play better given the circumstances.
“I really didn’t understand some of the stuff I was told,’’ Thomas told the radio station. “So I knew at that point it was bigger than what was on the surface. It was bigger than that.

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Please cut this stiff. One of the worst signings ever. The only good game he has was against San Diego the week after Spygate broke. Please release him today. What a crybaby.

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