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Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Classic?

Kid Octane is a guest contributor to the Bingo Bar Blog. He is a no nonsense kind of fellow that will be chiming in with his take on various topics from time to time. Here's his take on the Winter Classic...

Although it was cool to see all the different sight lines associated with viewing a hockey game from Fenway Park, the product itself couldn't live up to the hype. Blessed with perfect weather, the game itself was quite choppy and largely uninteresting. In fact, I found myself watching more of the Auburn/Northwestern ending (of which an entire other article can be written) than the 2nd period of this bore-fest. The game started promising enough with a Shawn Thornton bout but just as he got knocked down and that putz Carcillo started to rile up the Boston faithful, the game itself drifted into snooze mode. Thomas gave up a chintzy goal and that was it for scoring until the final 3 minutes when Recchi potted a sweet redirect to tie things up and Sturm tallied in OT. But perhaps the most audacious proceeding of the afternoon was a horrendous rendition of "Sweet Caroline" by the Fenway crowd. Please, keep that for baseball. The crowd's lack of enthusiasm for signing this overplayed horrific song was clearly evident. Neil Diamond at a B's game? Really? Other than the ultimate outcome, if the game was played on any other day/night, it would rate as a bottom quarter game on the schedule. Don't let pomp and circumstance hinder the true entertainment value of this contest. Point blank, it was a lousy game. This is one magic moment in Boston sports lore that WON'T live in infamy other than the fact of being played at Fenway.

This is Kid Octane reporting from the penalty box.

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