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Monday, January 4, 2010

JoJo Dancer and Pulse of the Celtics

Jojo Dancer is a guest contributor to the Bingo Bar Blog. He is a young and rising star that's making his bones covering the Celts beat. He will be providing his unique and insightful observations on the Celtics throughout the year...

Is Rondo earning his paycheck?
Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo signed a $55 million deal over 5 years earlier this season answering the question of if the Celtics think Rondo is an elite point guard? However this has raised a new question. Is Rondo worth the money? Rondo has been playing great defense (first in the league in steals) and he has been distributing the ball well (fourth in the league in assists) but he isn’t shooting the ball much which can be frustrating because he shoots 52% from the field. When he shoots he can really fill the basket like he did in his 30 point game against Golden State. Teams like to play off him because he doesn’t shoot the ball even when he is wide open and that hurts his teammates. Another problem is that many people think he shouldn’t even be in during late game situations because of his horrendous free throw shooting (57%) and he is even worse from three point land (3 for 25). While Eddie House is a much better three point shooter, Rondo is a better distributor and that’s what the Celtics need in late game situations. Someone needs to feed the ball to KG, Paul Pierce and Ray-Ray. Some may argue Rondo isn’t worth the $55 million he will make, but when he shoots he can be a very good player. If he works on his free throw shooting and three point shooting, Rondo might be able to get himself into the who’s the best point guard conversation in three years but he still has a lot of work. As for right now Jojo says he is worth the money he will make. This Jojo Dancer signing off. You keep reading and I'll keep dancing.

Yes Jojo, yes, we will keep keep dancing. Very insightful.