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Thursday, December 31, 2009

E-Bag's Grooming Tip for New Year's Eve

Chris Eideh is an international sex symbol and regular contributor to the Bingo Bar Blog

You're going to want to wear Axe Essence body spray tonight. Despite a formula that’s gentler overall, you should never underestimate the power of AXE. It quickly evolves into a fragrance that is surprisingly pleasant and long-lasting. The best news is that Essence isn’t all show. Like every single one of AXE’s body sprays, Essence does double duty as both a fragrance and an effective antibacterial deodorant. Use it after you work out or as your everyday spray. And at a reasonable $4.99 a can, it may be difficult not to do just that.

I can speak for all the Bingo Bar followers when I say "thank you Chris". Your advice is sage and will be taken to heart.

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  1. I for one will always follow this international sex symbol's sage advice.