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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Attention All MVFFL Owners/GMs

The commissioner has an important announcement for all MVFFL Owners/GMs...

League Information:

A new proposal for league fees is in the final stages of development.

It includes league fee bumps, changes, and new prizes. A detailed explanation is imminent. There are valid reasons for the bump -- and it's not designed just to throw more money out the window.

Compared to other traditional leagues, the MVFFL's league fee is currently on the high side - However, the MVFFL is not a traditional league by any standards, so the expectation should be higher. The entry fee should be higher and the rewards more opportunistic. We are the league by which all other leagues strive to be -- last I checked -- two other leagues were developed and designed based on the foundations and principles of the MVFFL.

The MVFFL has not increased league dues in 8 years - And while this proposal, on the surface, will be seem like a big hike, the details will indicate that it's only a minor hike to most. While the opportunity to win additional money will also exist.
Two original 16 owners have collaborated on the design and it should be reviewed at length before the league offseason meeting.

Speaking of which -- a league meeting is in the works -- start penciling in your calendars -- the MVFFL will be targeting the end of February or early March for the event. League offices is seeking feedback on dates that do not work. Expect it to occur at the Bird Bingo Bar.

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