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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Celts Part Owner Confronts Stern

According to the Globe minority owner Jim Pallotta(pictured left laughing at Dennis Leary) confronted Stern after game 3 on Tuesday night and could face a fine from the league. It would be great to get some video footage on this. The officiating has taken center stage which has taken away from what should have been a classic Celtics-Lakers matchup. Tonight will be interesting. Doc planted some seeds yesterday with the media in regards to what the Lakers have been getting away with...

“All three games we’ve had one of our quote-unquote Big Three not able to play (because of foul trouble). It’s a very difficult game to call, but what we all want is consistency.

“As far as the off-the-ball action, you are not allowed to hold. You’re not allowed to bump and you’re not allowed to impede progress. I read that this morning (in the rulebook) and I’m positive of it. So, you know, when that happens, then that has to be called.”

Look for fines coming down on both Rivers and Pallota before the day is out.


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