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Friday, May 14, 2010


Wow. Did the C's win last night or did I dream that??? What a performance by the C's in this series. One of the great upsets of a number one seed. Everyone was talking about how great Cleveland and their supporting case was going into this series...then all of a sudden all the so called "experts" here to the right did a 180 and starting clammoring about how bad Cleveland's bench was. How about giving the C's some credit??? KG is finally back to 85-90% of what he was in 2007. Rondo is much BETTER than he was when they won it. The Celtics are a force to be reckoned with if KG is healthy. There was a lot of symbolism at the end of the game last night. Lebron taking his jersey off while walking down the tunnel...the Cavs QUITTING with three minutes left...a lot of crazy stuff. On to Orlando...I like the C's mental makeup right now...they are all business. There was no celebrating in the press conference. Bring on Ron Jeremy and his band of merry men.

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  1. Loved every minute of the win last night. Nice to see Tony Allen step up too. Only one commentator this morning gave the Celtics credit for how great they played.