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Monday, May 3, 2010

The NBA...where refs fix games...

This clip is great. This is just one of MANY terrible calls that occur on a nightly basis in the NBA. Someday the truth will come out...the NBA has shady things going on. How else can you justify this particular call??? I've seen it too many times. It's ridiculous as Tommy would say.


  1. This was an awful call, but I don't see what the refs fixing games thing has to do with anything.

    Basketball, as true fans of the game know, is a tough game to officiate so there will always be bad calls in every single game. Just because refs make bad calls it doesn't mean the fix is in.

    Refs may be bad, fine (but they haven't decided any playoffs game so far this year, whether you like it or not). But I'm sick of you conspiracy nuts/casual fans screaming the game is fixed as soon as they see a bad call, a call in this case that didn't have any impact on the outcome of the game.

    Bad calls have always happened since the day basketball was invented. It doesn't mean the fix is in as soon as you see a bad call.

    Also, I'd like to show you this article about referee Joey Crawford (funny enough, the same ref who made this call). Now, Crawford is not my favorite ref (not that I have favorite refs...I don't have any) but this article is still an interesting read that should just show you those refs you love hating so much are just humans with their own life, family etc, not the bad guys you think they are. Well, unless you're talking about Donaghy.

    Or there was a report on USA Today last year about referee Scott Foster bringing his son to the games he officiates and being a regular dad. Or referee Bob Delaney who used to be an undercover agent (he wrote a book about it) and every summer travels to countries like Iraq to help marines. So my point is that refs are still human. Just because they make crappy calls, as in this case, it doesn't mean the fix is in. Keep in mind refs have a different visual on the court than the one we have watching on tv from hundreds of different angles with slow-motion replays.

    But clearly, you don't seem like someone who actually enjoys basketball the same way I do. In fact, I'd consider you a casual fan at best.

  2. Mr Italy, you're a chump. The NBA has the worst officiating hands down. It's a joke. They completely can determine the winner of a game. Way more so than any other sport. Don't worry it will all come out eventually. There was a lot more to the Doneghy story that got covered up. College hoops is much better to watch. You can actually play defense in the college game. The NBA is like the WWE. I've been watching since the early 80's and can atest to absolutly HORRIBLE calls on a consistant basis. Why??? Because it's an agenda driven league where superstars get preferential treatment. So jam that up your ass. How do you say that in Italian????