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Friday, May 7, 2010

Lebron taking lessons from Al Cervick...

Al Cervick, George Costanza and now Lebron. Here's a quote from his royalness...
"If you're dribbling up and down the court and you can feel a twinge or you feel [the elbow] lock up, it's going to stop you from doing some things that you usually would be able to do."

Lebron has a nice fake injury to fall back on in case they end up choking this series away. There's been a lot of speculation the past few days but I ask the question. What is the injury??? There's been no official diagnosis yet we keep hearing about his boo-boo. This reminds me of Al Cervick in Caddyshack and George Costanza. Two of the greatest elbow injury fakers of all time.

Here's a greatest hits clip of Costanza. Lebron take note from a true master...

Tonight's game should be a doozy. The Garden needs to be rocking. Let's go C's!!!

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