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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Going back to Disney...

Okay so the C's couldn't close the door on the Magic. They played their best game of the series and the C's played their worst game and still almost won. They will have to head back down to Disney World to close them out. Here's some observations from the game...

-Dwight Howard has got away with murder this series. He throws elbows and rakes people across the face...if Perk or Wallace did what he did they would get banned from the playoffs!
-Listening to that crew(Van Gundy, Breen and Jackson) do the game is torture. Pure torture. I can't take it! They are the worst. I want you to call the game not do a talk show during the game. I can't stand listening to them.
-The Pierce isolation play that they seemed to run the last 6-7 minutes in the game and in OT is painful. It's circa 2003-2005 when the C's had no supporting cast and would run that play at the end of every game. We have too many weapons now to revert to that! Doc is the man and he's achieved non questioning status but I'm not sure why they kept running that...
-Ray Allen always amazes me...lost in this game will be his great 3 balls that gave them a chance to win in the end. He should have taken the last shot in regulation.
-Finally that Perk moving pick foul that they called is ridiculous! It happens on EVERY pick in the NBA but for some reason they call it on Perk at least two times a game.


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