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Monday, May 10, 2010

Donaghy on Celtic's Late Night Tonight...

This should be interesting. Donaghy is appearing on this show hosted by Celtic's bloggers for two hours tonight. Why hasn't WEEI or 98.5 hit this angle yet??? These guys are ahead of the curve. From their website...

Tim Donaghy Appearing on Celtics Late Night Show this Monday at 9 pm, EST

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Former NBA Referee, Tim Donaghy, has gone on record recently stating that he is certain that David Stern and the NBA will do whatever they can to ensure a Lakers/Cavs NBA Finals. Being a die-hard NBA fan for my entire life, I have tried not allowed myself to believe a lot of what’s been claimed about the NBA fixing games. The evidence this post season, however, is undeniably suspect.

Through three game’s played in the semi-finals, LeBron James has played 123 minutes (41, 43, 39) and only been called for three personal foul’s. In three game’s the Celtics have been called for 21 more fouls than the Cavaliers (78-57).

Coincidence? Well, lets look at the officiating crew for each game of the series.

Game One:
Rush, Spooner, Phillips
Celtics 25 personal foul’s / Cavs 17 personal fouls

Game Two:
D. Crawford, Bavetta, Malloy
Celtics 31 personal fouls / Cavs 16 personal fouls

Game Three:
Salvatore, Mauer, Zarba
Celtics 22 personal fouls / Cavs 24 personal fouls

We all know that officiating can control the flow of the game in more ways than just personal foul’s called. As Tim told me yesterday, officials can control the game by controlling turnovers, technical’s, etc.

What may even be more suspect is that Tim Donaghy was given 14 post-season game’s to predict based solely on the officiating crew’s assigned and his knowledge of league initiatives.

Donaghy’s record? 13-1.



9 pm, EST

Tim will be with us live for two hours. We will be discussing the Cavs/Celtics series, officiating in 2010, specific officials agenda’s, David Stern’s initiatives, exactly how Stern’s “orders” are handed out to officials, the NBA’s opinion of Wyc Grousbeck and much more.

Tim will be taking call’s from listeners and no topic is off-limits. Though we will be focusing on the Celtics/Cavs, we encourage fan’s of any team to call in with questions regarding their franchise.

We will also be giving away copies of Donaghy’s book, Personal Foul, autographed by Tim.

Call-in number: 347.215.7771

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