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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Donaghy Calls Out NBA!

The BBB spoke with Tim Donaghy on Celtic's Late Night Radio last night. I found the broadcast very intriguing. I guess he was on two radio shows a fews weeks back and they made him pick games and he went 13-1 against the spread. According to the him last night the FBI has contacted him and discouraged him from doing this in his future appearances. So, there wasn't any more picking of the games last night(which would be enthralling radio in my opinion)

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Wallace and Ray Allen were both reprimanded by the league office for supporting his book.

Boston WILL NOT advance past Cleveland. The NBA in this economic downturn is banking big on a Laker vs Clev with Lebron/Shaq vs Kobe as a global draw.

The officials on gameday are briefed by a supervisor that works for NBA Opps that guides them on how to call the game.

There's tons of other good stuff. Here's the link to the broadcast...
Fast forward to the 1:00:54 mark to hear yours truly ask a few questions.


  1. Well so much for Boston NOT advancing past Cleveland.