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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tonight...Rasheed can Redeem...

Chico Meng drops in the BBB to look at the opportunity Sheed has tonight to turn things around...

Rasheed’s performance during the 2009/2010 season has severely disappointed Celtic’s fans, Doc Rivers, the C’s brass and if he is being honest, himself. Last week I went as far as to suggest that C’s would have been better off with Toine over Rasheed. Although I stand by my specific comments, my intended message was more general: Sheed has been a BUST.

He started slow and short of a couple of random games, was consistently a non factor throughout the remainder of the season. The excuses made FOR him (in his defense, not by him) were many: It’s just the regular season, so no need to worry. This is the NBA. Veteran all stars can turn it on and off at will. The regular season is a grind, so the vets know to save some legs for what really matters, the playoffs. He’ll bring his “A” game to when it counts. I sit here today hoping that everyone is right because I want to cheer for Sheed. Maybe it’s just because he’s been here for only 1 season and has yet to earn his stripes with C’s fans, but as much as I want him to do well, he needs to prove it to me.

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So the playoffs started and granted it’s only based on 1 game, but Sheed’s performance in game 1 was remarkably average:
14 minutes
4 points
1 rebound
1 block

You can get those numbers from Andrew DeClercq. Is he available? Can we sign him? I bet that he’ll take the league minimum. What about Tony Battie? Can we get him back? Maybe he’ll bring his brother back as a practice player as well.

But tonight, Sheed can make up for a season’s worth of hoisting bricks from beyond the 3 point stripe. The stars have aligned perfectly: Due to KG’s suspension, there is a giant hole in the C’s lineup. Big Baby will certainly help, but when it comes to defense, Sheed “as advertised” would get the job done. Because of the scrum at the end of the Game 1, the C’s need to play with intensity, but can’t get caught up in the BS too much tonight. Sheed “as advertised” would be able to handle this. He talks BS every game, he’s been in the playoffs with success before, this should be nothing new for him. Get him going with some easy buckets, he can start running his mouth as usual, and hopefully throw the punk ass Heat off their game.

The C’s fans want blood. The Garden is going to be a nut house tonight. Sheed can become an instant cult hero with an inspired performance. He could thrive with the fan support. A great performance and he’ll have earned his stripes in the eyes of the fans. It might even be the springboard that gets him going for what will hopefully be a long playoff run for the C’s.

We should all be so lucky as to be able to make up for 6 months worth of horrible professional performance with 60 minutes worth of effort. Let’s hope that Sheed takes advantage of his opportunity tonight.


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