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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tommy Legend....

On a day when the C's and B's are advancing to the second round we have The Fellowship of the Miserble(WEEI in particular) which has nothing better to do then bash Tommy. We here at the BBB support Tommy 100% and tip our cap to a Legend. The officiating was atrocious last night. The Celts didn't even go to the line until the midway through the 2nd quarter. Up until that point it was COMPLETELY one sided. They made up for it with some make up calls towards the end of the half but still it warranted Tommy calling them out. Even Mike Gorman thought it was terrible. Dennis, Callahan and pissboy Meter did you even watch the game? What a joke.

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Here's a great excerpt below from The Commish's article on Tommy a while back. Also, there's a clip below that of a tribute to Tommy. Please check that out as well.

Tommy Heinsohn is Celtics basketball. Perhaps the only person who did more with the Boston Celtics is Red himself. Unlike some other greats, and this is not a knock against the likes of Russell, Bird, Cousy, etc, Tommy Heinsohn has been affiliated with one basketball franchise since he graduated from Holy Cross in 1956. One team for 50+ years. That's not just dedication to a team, but to the New England community. Basketball legends can get coaching jobs without any coaching credentials. Heinsohn won 2 championships in the 70's as a coach and then was asked to step down midway through the 1977-1978 season, at the age of 44. What I find interesting about that is he didn't take up a new coaching job the next year in somewhere like San Antonio, or Denver. One would think a basketball legend with 2 championship rings would have had offers pouring in to coach another team. No other team affiliations. Bob Cousy played and coached for the Cincinatti Royals. Bill Russell coached the Sacramento Kings and Seattle Supersonics. KC Jones -- the Bullets and Sonics. Heinsohn... One team, one community, one family.

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