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Monday, April 26, 2010

Stay Classy, Miami

Stay classy Miami. Nice job by Heat security. Sean Grande is the Celtic's play by play radio announcer for all the BBB patrons that aren't aware. They should let fans douse the Miami Heat bench with beer tomorrow night...

Heat fan pours a drink over Sean Grande...

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Grande stood for the entire game and a female fan sitting above Grande claimed she could not see the action on the east side of the court clearly. The fan complained to security and arena officials to no avail and screamed repeatedly at Grande to sit down. Grande refused. Arena officials approached Grande during the broadcast and he had a conversation with an official while calling the game.

A companion of the fan then started screaming expletives at Grande and said he hoped he could be heard on air. The female fan followed by yelling to Grande, “Who do you think you are?’’

After Pierce hit his winning shot, Grande sat down and the female fan doused him with a drink. Grande did not respond and remained on the air. Security did not admonish the fan.

Here's recount of the crime done under a CSI Miami spoof...

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