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Friday, April 30, 2010

Bruins-Flyers Prediction...Kid Octane style!

Kid Octane is back after a long trip to Vietnam to give his prediction on the Bruins-Flyers series...

Well, well, well, where are the haters now? Your Boston Bruins just snuck by the Sabers and now it is onto a beatable Philly team. Beatable you say? YES, YOU HEARD KO!!! No matter how far the B's go this postseason, this will be the only series where they have a better offensive team than their opponent.

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If you want to look up the stats, don't. If you wish to argue this point, don't. If you want to belabor the point, don't. Do yourself a favor and just listen to the Kid. They are the better offensive team now that both Simon Gagne and Jeff Carter have been ruled out of this series. And this is true regardless if Savard shows anything this series. The teams played tight during the regular season and KO sees it going roughly the same way. They are better in net without a doubt and me thinks they will score more than you think. After all, they did get through a bunch of pucks past the best goalie this season in Miller. If you like physical hockey, this is your series. Philly will try to bully their way by the B's but the Kid knows the B's will respond and be physical right back with Lucic, Sobotka and Thornton leading the charge. Expect a few fisticuffs along the way in this old school, rough and tumble playoff series. Bottom line, KO will be disappointed if the B's can't win this series and sees it ending in 6.

KO signing off from the base of the bar.

Kid Octane is a full time headbanger and part time contributor to the Bingo Bar Blog. He enjoys playing the Wii, dipping and drinking bud lights in his spare time.


  1. If Savard plays, there's talk of Thornton being a healthy scratch...

  2. Exit Sturm - Enter Thornton. Let this be a lesson to you, Mr. BWB, NEVER doubt KO.