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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

WEEI vs 98.5...Texts and Tattletales...

Gay vs Gayer...that's what this article should have been titled. We here at the BBB are working on a comprehensive unbiased look at the WEEI vs 98.5 war. Stay tuned...
WEEI guy’s texting ignites radio war

The simmering feud between the city’s two sports radio powerhouses boiled over today when a WEEI producer got slapped with a one-week suspension for texting “vulgar” messages to upstart rival the Sports Hub.

Andy Massaua, who works for Glenn Ordway’s “The Big Show,” was suspended today and has been banned from texting anyone at WBZ-FM (98.5).

“Andy (has to) think about, and reflect, on his irresponsible and sophomoric actions that will not be tolerated by this station,” said WEEI-AM (850) program honcho Jason Wolfe.

Massaua never responded to repeated text messages seeking a comment.

Damon Amendolara, also known as D.A., the nighttime host on WBZ-FM, said he couldn’t even read about 80 percent of the WEEI producer’s texts on the air during his show yesterday.

The texts, he said, were aimed at several Sports Hub employees, including Amendolara and Chuck Perks, who does sports updates and used to work at WEEI.

Amendolara read some of the texts on-air, including one thinly veiled homophobic insult, “D.A., isn’t Chuck Perks’ strength spinning records . . . in P-town?”

Amendolara, who never identified Massaua by name, said the texter’s number was the first the station ever “red-flagged” as a problem. The station called the phone number and got the ’EEI producer’s voice mail, he said.

“We’ve got a pretty good sense of humor about ourselves, but you just can’t be vulgar,” Amendolara told listeners.

Amendolara said Massaua had been texting his station “constantly” for months, sending a barrage of 22 one night alone.

Mike Thomas, program director for the Sports Hub, said it’s the first texter to be blocked from messaging his station.

“There was a person that was sending very graphic, vulgar text messages, numerous text messages, and we did block his phone number,” he said.

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