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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thanks but no thanks Red Sox...I'll take this guy instead...

I will take Orlando Cabrera any day of the week to sign so he can retire as a Red Sox over Nomar. In fact, I will take pretty much anyone from the 2004 team over Nomar for this gesture...D-Lowe, Pedro, Millar the list is long. Nomar quit on the Sox. I remember during the 2003 or 2004 season when Nomar was hurt..the Sox were playing the Yankees that night in Yankee stadium...the Celts were on national TV that night as well playing the Lakers I believe. I was flipping the stations back and forth between games. I flip on the Celtics and there's Nomar...sitting at the TD Banknorth watching the C's game while his team is fighting the dreaded Yankees for 1st. Great job Nomar. Then there was the time when he was sitting in the dugout during a rally against the Yankees while everyone else was standing. Again, kudos to you Nomar. You're a quitter. Now, your are joining the media ranks of which you always berated. Again, great job Nomar. I think he's a bum. I won't recognize this clown as a Red Sox player. He will always be a Oakland A/Chicago Cub to me.



  1. c'mon man... i'm a Yankee fan and I feel for that shithead Nomar. You try pouring your heart out year after year making a killing on Fenway Park, the only bright spot on a crappy team. Then, when new ownership comes in and brings in guys to make you a real threat in the American League, some hotshot kid who's younger than you (I think at that time anyway), decides you don't cut it. Running his BS stat computer system deciding you don't cut it anymore, and decides you don't fit anymore. It was no secret to Nomar that Epstein was actively trying to deal him, whether that jackass Shaughnessy was reporting it or not. You'd give up if the same shit was pulled on you.

  2. I totally agree with BahstonSawksCack on this one...I think the Bingo Bar is dead wrong about Nomar. Loved him then, love him now. Glad he got to retire as a Red Sox.

  3. Actually it's not the Bingo Bar's(there's many other contributors)opinion...just mine. I should have clarified address BahstonSawks guy...don't give me the sob story angle...he's a professional athlete making tons of cash to play a don't quit on your team or the fans of Boston...not to mention his best years he was on the I said, I would rather pay homage to Millar, Pedro, D-Lowe and many others from the 2004 team before giving it up for a bum like that.