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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random Bits and Travel Tips from Gustoff...

Random Bits and Travel Tips

6:00am flights require far too early of a wake up call. 4:00am is about as close to unbearable as it gets to have to function. The feeling when you wake up is unsettling. Not sure how to describe it. If I had a job that required these early hours on an every day basis, I would not last too long.

Simply pressing the button on the coffee pot in the morning because you prepped it the night before is the best. Is prepping the coffee the night before really that big of a deal? Why don't I do it more often?

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Highway driving in a windstorm in a Jeep with a soft top is like being in a sail boat at full mast in a hurricane. The driver is not always the one making lane change decisions.

Always park on the 4th floor in central parking at Logan . It eliminates the stairs/elevators. And taking all the advantages you can is critical in annoying travel.

I would much prefer to pay $50 extra for a flight than to be asked by the self-check in computer how I want to pay the $25 fee for my 1 piece of luggage.

My trick of being the last guy on the plane to avoid any unnecessary plane time only works now if you checked your bag. Next thing you know, they’re telling you there is no more room in the bins for your bag – and you’re forced to check it. Why is this different now than it used to be? See the $25 fee referenced above – more people carrying on.

Is it the same guy ripping all the farts on all the flights? They all seem to be the same stench. If I ever find this guy, he’s in trouble.

Aisle seats are the only way to go. Fact.

Should I feel bad about fully reclining my seat because I know what it feels like to be the guy with the laptop behind me who can’t contort his arms and hands enough to type?

Give the courtesy look back when you are about to recline and then do it slowly. Why do people feel the need to slam back in their chairs? Just in hopes that they can smash your laptop or send you cup of water packing?

It is completely out of line to use the back of the seat in front of you to get up and sit down on a plane. This is grounds for immediate dirty looks back at the offender. God forbid you are sleeping when this happens. It might require some quip along with the look.

Airports make for excellent people watching. There tend to be multitudes of hotties. An excellent way to pass the time.

Headaches suck when you have to deal with people.

Golfing in Arizona is great. But when you’re fresh off the New England winter with raw chicken colored skin, remember, the sun will actually burn you.

Draft magazines are entertaining.

Flooded basements are never good. But they are better when you’re not home.

Gustoff the Weary Traveler is has frequent flyer miles on all the major airlines. He spends his spare time as a philosopher and a deep thinker.

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