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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Joslyn James...on Toucher and Rich????

The Commish checks in with a newsflash...

At the end of the Tanguay and Zolak show today, they announced that, tomorrow morning, Joslyn James will be interviewed by Toucher & Rich @ 9:00 AM. Joslyn James is the adult film star linked to Tiger Woods who recently released the incriminating text messages from Tiger.

The 98.5 Sports Hub web site is promoting the interview. Given that they are promoting this interview leads people to think that it will be the genuine article tomorrow AM and not an imposter as part of a skit.

Recently Tiger Woods did 2 interviews -- one with ESPN and one with The Golf Channel. The Sports Hub is owned by CBS and is also airing the Master's, Tiger's first tourney since the Thanksgiving to remember.

It's easy to speculate if CBS felt snubbed by not getting the interview or if this is just simple coincidence that Tiger's biggest thorn that won't go away is participating in interviews with CBS-affiliated sports radio stations. However, when researching other CBS-affiliated sports radio stations, none of them seem to be promoting an interview with her -- searches were done on the Dallas station, the Chicago station, and Detroit. No mention of her in an interview. Further research showed she hasn't done many radio interviews in general. The only ones I could find were one done with a New Zealand station yesterday, and one done with "Keeler in the morning" in Utica, NY.

It's uncertain if this is a a big coup for the Sports Hub or not. If she were such a big interview, why is she only showing up in New Zealand and Utica, and if this were a snipe by CBS, why wouldn't they carpet-bomb her across all the CBS radio stations? The Sports Hub should see a spike in ratings - 2 days before the ratings release. Plenty of people will be tuning in to watch this train wreck. It may be downplayed on EEI as an interview with a media hound-flake, or you wonder if EEI would love to nab this interview. Given that she's only done a few random and low-level interviews, I'm guessing EEI declined to pursue it. Still though D&C love golf, and it will be interesting to see what they're talking about tomorrow AM -- the healthcare plan, the Red Sox, the fact that Brady is at camp, or Tiger.
The Commish

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