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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hockey Anyone?

There's been a lot of talk about whether or not hockey will see an uptick in interest due to the Olympics. Speaking for myself I will say yes. I used to be a huge Bruins/Hockey fan. I followed the B's religously from around 1981 through 1998 with a minor relapse in 2001-2002 when they had Guerin, Jumbo Joe, Samsonov, Brian Rolston and went out and got Gauncher at the deadline. I will tune into hockey(and the B's) for this second half of the season. The Olympics made me realize that I still do love to watch hockey. There's many reasons why I stopped watching(an article for another day) but I will give it a second go. I will say this...if I had full power over the NHL and could institute changes...this is what I would do...

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1. Bring back the old divisions(Adams, Norris, etc)
This created the best rivalries. The Bruins had rivalries with ALL the Adams divisions teams...Hartford, Buffalo, Quebec and of course the dreaded Canadians.
2. Bring back the old rules
The new rules are too offense centric. It's what I've called for a hockey. Don't tell me that watching teams like the Oilers and Islanders back in the day was boring. They found a way to have high powered offenses.
3. Give teams option of smaller or larger ice surfaces
Watching a game at the Boston Garden was the best. There was nowhere to hide...rock em sock em hockey. The rinks should be like baseball...different parks/different dimensions...with the TD Banknorth going with the smaller surface.

These changes combined with much better marketing would power the NHL back into the mix.


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  1. the Red Wings/Avalanche game last night was very good... great back and forth... not sure why people are willing to watch basketball on TNT, but not hockey on VS