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Friday, February 19, 2010

Class Act

We here at the BBB want to give it up for Eddie. He was a class act and a professional while donning the green. He was a contributor to the title and will be missed. Good luck. Now, enter Nate Robinson...I'm not sure if this guy is going to help. I guess he's going to be a point guard that can fill in for Rondo. We will see if he actually plays D and attacks the basket like Danny Ainge said yesterday. The jury is out. As for last night it looks like the Celtics won. I found out this morning when I logged on to the world wide web. A Lakers-Celtics affair shouldn't start at 11pm at night. I guess TNT loses out because this matchup draws ratings but not at midnight on the east coast. I realized I wasn't going to make when the half ended at midnight. I calculated an approximate 130-45amish end time and cashed in my chips. One thing's for sure...I hate the Lakers...even without Kobe they have enough unlikeable characters to make my blood boil. Lamar Kardashian, Blockhead Artest and Camelface Gasol are enough to make me want to kick the TV in. Good win for the C's though...let's see if they can keep it rolling tonight against the Blazers.


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