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Friday, January 22, 2010

Playoffs! Playoffs!

Kid Octane is back with Championship Weekend Preview...

N.Y. Jets @ Indianapolis

This is the Kid checking in again to try to put some more money in your pocket. This is the easy game to see unfold from Octane's mind's eye. The Jets run out of fuel in this one as the Colts stop dicking around this time and do what they do best; win the game convincingly although the score won't display this disparity as to how wide the swathe of talent exists between these two teams. Look for Indy to expose the rookie QB and unleash the hounds on any 3rd and long opportunity. Yes, the Jets will keep the score fairly close (that is what a sound running game and excellent defenses always do) but don't worry about the outcome. Octane is also calling for at least 3 pre-snap penalties on the New Yorkers due to the crowd rocking and rookie jitters from Sanchise. Octane says 23-10 Indy.

Minnesota @ New Orleans

Hide the women and children and board up the windows because this is going to be a barn burner. The Kid feels this will be like a typical heavyweight title fight with both teams feeling out the other via the run before this one turns into a 2nd half shootout. It hasn't been a secret that this has been Old Man Flip Flop's best year but Octane says the fairy tale comes to a screeching halt this Sunday. Look for Breesus to play the part of savior again and allow the boisterous Louisiana crowd to spill onto the French Quarter in a jovial mood. Octane likes 36-30 NO.

This is Kid Octane signing off from the bleachers. Have a slammin' weekend peeps!!!

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