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Friday, January 8, 2010

Playoffs! Playoffs!

Kid Octane checks in with his NFL playoff preview...

Welcome to Déjà vu weekend! Very difficult matchups to decipher heading into the NFL playoffs '10 but have no fear,The Kid is here!

First up, CIN/NYJ. I was never on the Cincy bandwagon this year and they proved The Kid wrong for the balance of the year, but this is when the big boys come out to play and I think they will show their true colors. Although the J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS obliterated them this past week in the Big Apple, The Kid doesn't see the same game. Look for a fairly close and competitive game with either Jones or Greene busting a back breaking TD. Octane says 27-17 Jets.

Next, all signs point to a red-hot Dallas team in this game but The Kid keeps coming back to the fact that the overweight mustached walrus has NEVER, I repeat, NEVER lost a 1st round playoff game while Bum's bumbling son has NEVER won a postseason game of any kind. This just reeks of the stoppable force v. movable object. Does this game follow pattern or break trend? Me thinks Andy played possum last week and he has various tricks up his sleeve for this one. Although I can see this game going either way, I don't believe it will be a close game for either victor. Octane likes PHI 30-17.

On to the local game which is probably the toughest game to handicap for The Kid. Post-Welker, I just can't see NE getting it done this week unfortunately. BAL plays a salty game and Rice is a beast and will be the MVP of this game. Sprinkle in a little bit of McGahee as well and I see BAL having 170+ rushing yards and controlling the field position in a game that promises to probably stay within 10 points throughout its entirety. Octane likes BAL by a sliver over the Pats, 24-20.

Last up is ARZ v. GB in what The Kid believes will be the highest scoring game this weekend. Look for both QB's to blow up as well as both teams to adequately run the ball to the tune of 750+ total yards of offense in this barn burner. Rodgers has been this year's best and most consistent QB period. Octane like him to get it done yet again in the weekend's most entertaining game, GB wins 38-33.  This is Kid Octane signing off.


BBB Disclaimer-Kid Octane's vies do not represent the views of Bird or the BBB

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