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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Embrace the P-Men

From Bob Ryan's article today...

They are 107-36 in the past nine regular seasons as they prepare for today’s game in Houston. If you take that for granted, triple shame on you.

And they’re not dead yet.

Vulnerable? Without doubt. They’re hardly reliable on the road (stop with the Buffalo, and London doesn’t count). A bunch of angry housewives brandishing rolling pins could exert more consistent pressure on the passer. The search continues for a third receiving threat. They have had great difficulty scoring points in the second half of many games. The secondary has too many ugly moments. They could use a punter. Do you really believe in the running game?

But they’ll be playing at home next weekend when the tournament starts, and that’s an undeniable fact. They still have Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and the impossible-to-overpraise Wes Welker. If his foot is feeling OK, they have a first-class nose tackle in Vince Wilfork. Most of all, they still have Coach Bill, the indefatigable master of preparation and long-haul planning. One way or the other, he and his staff got ’em here.

Here’s the deal: They will probably win that home game, and that means from then on they will be playing with house money, and they could be very dangerous, especially if they get the Colts. (A little matter of some unfinished business.)

Embrace them. They are the Old Celtics in shoulder pads.

Great analogy...The Old Celtics in shoulder pads. The Bingo Bar Blog would like to give Mr Ryan props on this article. You can find the rest of it here...

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