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Friday, January 8, 2010

Bird's Top Five Netflix Rentals

Bird's top Five Netflix rentals

Heading into the weekend chances are you are going to watch a movie. These are my top five based of recent viewings...

1. Inglorious Basterds-Best movie I've seen in a while. Tarantino really knocks it out the park on this one. Brad Pitt and the Nazi guy are super.
2. Extract-If you're an Office Space fan like me then you can't go wrong with this choice. Mike Judge's first movie since and Bateman is stellar.
3. Frost/Nixon-This one was a surprise.
4. Grand Torino-Clint Eastwood doing Clint Eastwood.
5. Bruno-This might not be for everyone. Sacha Baron Cohen pushes the envelope for laughs. If you liked Borat then you will like this.


  1. A very respectable list, though Boondock Saints should have made it.

  2. Grand Torino is the only movie on this list that I have seen and it is FANTASTIC!!!

  3. Boondock saints is old though? This list is based of new release netflix rentals, sir.