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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Polian Takes Shot at Pats

Shots from Polian?
In defending his team’s decision to pull its starters in Sunday’s loss to the Jets, Colts president Bill Polian may have taken some not-so-veiled swipes at the Patriots and their undefeated 2007 regular season, saying he did not believe going 16-0 was a historic achievement.

“I thought we had made it very plain that 16-0 was not a goal for us,’’ Polian said on the NFL Network. “What we’ve said - it seems repeatedly since Halloween almost - was that 16-0, we did not feel was a historic achievement.

“What was important to us, and what we tried very hard to do, coming off a short week against Jacksonville, after we had wrapped up the home-field advantage, was to set two records. One was for the most consecutive regular-season games won. We were tied with New England for that, and now we have it for ourselves. And secondly, for the most games won this decade, and I don’t believe anyone can catch us now, no matter what happens this week.

“We felt those were both extremely historical milestones that were worth going out there and risking everything for.’’

This season, the Colts passed the Patriots for most wins this decade, a mark that currently stands at 115.

Polian also discounted the Patriots’ undefeated regular season by pointing out the 1972 Dolphins previously had done that and also won the Super Bowl.

“New England did not win the Super Bowl, and they are not considered an undefeated team, and so it would not have been complete had we not gone all the way,’’ Polian said. “And to us, since it had been done before, it was not as historic a milestone.’’

I can't wait for the Pats to take the Colts out in the playoffs. Hopefully we get a shot at them. We've heard all the analysis already on whether or not they should have went for the undefeated season. I am happy they didn't. Number one it will definitely have a mental effect on their playoff run. Secondly, I could not have stomached the colts going undefeated and winning the superbowl. Bird's take is that if you have a no hitter you go for it. You don't give up a hit in the 8th because you think it might effect the team's chances of winning the game.

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